The best, unbiased and trustworthy Crypto and Bitcoin Youtube channels that you should be watching

The best, unbiased and trustworthy Crypto and Bitcoin Youtube channels that you should be watching

Where do you start with Crypto and Bitcoin Youtube channels?

Youtube is a great place to start if you’re trying to learn more about Bitcoin and Crypto. However, you may find yourself questioning where to start with the vast amount of channels out there. You might be familiar with all the major Youtube Crypto channels and podcasts but it is known the majority hide their lack of meaningful content with clickbait titles and paid sponsorship’s.

You will be pleased to know that we have sorted through the plethora of channels and produced a list of unbiased, informative and more importantly trust-worthy Crypto and Bitcoin Youtube channels that you should be watching.

Ready Set Crypto 

ReadySetCrypto, one of the most informative bitcoin/ crypto youtube channels

94,310 subscribers   2,807,736 views

Ready Set Crypto kicks off our list with one of the most established Crypto Youtube channels. Ready Set Crypto has already created a reputation for producing unique, informative and thought-provoking content based around the Cryptocurrency market as whole. The channel has a unique video style, featuring slick editing and scenic backdrops that can’t go unmentioned.  One of the best features of this channel is their fundamental analysis of alt coins.



Cryptocandor - one of the best at finding new ICOS

15,986 subscribers     370,879 view

CryptoCandor (Alex) is a great example of how the number of subscribers does not reflect in content. Alex provides unique, quality fundamental analysis which surpasses many of the leading Crypto youtube channels.  CryptoCandor Youtube channel focuses on sharing trading knowledge and experiences in crypto and upcoming ICOs.


FUD TV, reccomened as a trustworth, unbiased Bitcoin Youtube channel

13,753 subscribers   751,823 views

FUD TV has the smallest number of subscribers on our list, however this does not mean they do not produce great content. Their videos are very articulate and professional. They do not waste time and get straight to the point which is a rarity on Youtube these days. While FUD usually represents a state of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, their channel seeks to flip this paradigm on its head, leaving their viewers with Faith Understanding and Devotion to a technology that is sure to reshape the world as we know it.

Crypto Cred 

Crypto Cred

25,004 subscribers   298,212 views

Crypto Cred provides awesome Cryptocurrency technical analysis, with a focus on Bitcoin price action and educational content. Very informative videos which will leave you knowing a little bit more after each one. So if you feel you are still lacking a bit in the technical analysis department then be sure to check out the channel.

Coin Mastery


Coinmastery - Recommended youtube channel

131,482 subscribers   6,589,860 views

Coin Mastery is again another technical analysis based Youtube channel. The channel delivers daily updates on the Cryptocurrency markets Monday – Friday. They focus on the macro forces that drive the market as well as the specific actions you can take to become a better investor, trader and decision maker.

Crypto Lark

Crypto Lark Youtube channel

80,599 subscribers  5,114,907 views

The Crypto Lark’s channel contents features Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and ICO news analysis . Crypto Lark often goes deeper than most, investigating a tokens utility and purpose. You can really see from the content that they want to guide you through the minefield of bad advice and danger you will face as a Cryptocurrency investor.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

157,762 subscribers  6,788,394 views

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a best-selling author, speaker, educator, and one of the world’s foremost bitcoin and open blockchain experts. He is known for delivering electric videos that combine economics, psychology, technology, and game theory with current events, personal anecdote, and historical precedent effortlessly transliterating the complex issues of Blockchain technology out of the abstract and into the real world.

So thats the list.

If you have anymore great Crypto and Bitcoin Youtube Channels to watch comment down below!

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